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How to choose a writer for your book


You know you need to publish a book to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. It’s not an option, right?   Yet, you also know you can’t write a book. Or at least you don’t have the time – you’ve got your business to run! So how can you do it? Well, the…

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Why write a book?

write a book

For most, the thought of having to write a book conjures up horrors going back to school days. Who hasn’t suffered writer’s block when writing school essays?   Procrastination was the enemy. And the whole experience probably put you off writing for life. The mere thought of sitting down to write a work presentation fills you with…

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Your writing and book publishing resource

Welcome to Proof Perfect Books. We’ve just launched the site and are excited to be able to help potential authors publish their work. Over time we aim to build up a quality repository of information to help authors during the writing and publishing process. So do check back here regularly!

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